Take-out Tuesday is a regular part of programming at The Village Square. These brown-bag events are free and open to the public. Bring your favorite take-out lunch and a drink and join us downtown to learn about a hot local, state or national topic.  Utah’s Village Square Chapter will begin its Take-out Tuesday in July of 2015 – with what we are calling our “Sticky Issues in Civil Society Lunch Series.”

Often, our attention when it comes to tricky and difficult public issues is understandably drawn to the QUESTION at hand, with much less interest typically given to the overall nature of the conversation itself.  These lunchtime gatherings will be dedicated to a conversation ABOUT the conversation – walking through several of the questions that have proven to be most difficult to face (and too easy to ignore) when it comes to the health of our civic spaces.

This Brown-bag lunch series will take place at high noon – 12:00 – 1:30 – meeting immediately outside of the City Creek food-court (where someone will direct you to a quieter location).  Feel free to join us on any or all of these dates! Topics and specific days follow:

July 7, 2015:  “What to Do When We Disagree on the ‘Facts’?” Moving Beyond Scientific (or Scriptural) Power-Plays in Community Dialogue

September 8, 2015: “What Happens When Your Beliefs Feel like a Threat to My Well-being?” A Conversation about those Conversations (Global Warming, Vaccination, Gun Control, etc.)

November 10, 2015:  “Are There Some Issues it is NOT Okay to Disagree About?” Another Conversation about those Conversations (Global Warming, Vaccination, Gay Marriage, etc.)

February, 2016: “I’m Really ANGRY about this Issue…Does that Disqualify me from Civil Conversation?” Welcoming and Working with Hard Feelings in Dialogue

May, 2016: “Does Dialogue Require that I Accept that Everyone’s Ideas are Equally Good?” The Valuable Place of Passion and Conviction in Dialogue

July, 2016:  “I Already Know Everything About Those People (or That Issue)!”  The Valuable Place of Uncertainty and Humility in Dialogue

September, 2016: “Let’s Not Just Talk About This – Let’s DO Something About It!” The Case for Dialogue-As-Action

November, 2016: “What’s the Point of Talking Anyway…It’s Not Like Anything’s Going to Really Change, Right?!!” Considering Actions that Arise from (and Depend upon) Dialogue

We hope you can make it! We can’t wait for these discussions.  In the meanwhile, check out past Take-out Tuesday programming from other locations below.  Click on each box to listen to audio, see program and panel details.

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