living-room-eventsIn Utah, it is thanks to our colleagues and friends at Living Room Conversations that Village Square SLC is a reality. Thank you Joan, Debilyn & Monica! Without their sponsorship, partnership and friendship, none of this could have happened.

As we host larger gatherings of Utahns to explore challenging socio-political issues (and have FUN doing it), our constant hope is that participants will then take this experience HOME on a smaller, more intimate level:  the same FUN, the same OPENNESS…just a “do it yourself” version (see introductory video on Living Room Conversations here).

On a national level, the Village Square is also delighted to be partnering with Living Room Conversations to support you in hosting small Village Square-ish conversations in your very own living room. How could we not? Since the first big public forum we hosted in 2008, we’ve set the stage just like a living room and told panelists “if people feel like they’ve dropped into a conversation in your living room, we’ve all nailed it.” Now there will be actual living rooms involved.

The Living Room Conversations model was developed (and used successfully) by co-founders of the Tea Party and MoveOn. If they can do it, so can you.

LRC conversation bubblesThere’s a reason that Living Room Conversations work: they’re structured to help us capitalize on the better angels of human nature rather than making a constant play to the worst (see: internet). They’re the perfect antithesis to the breathless, angry, impersonal, anonymous and tribal political dialogue that happens everywhere else (see: practically anywhere you look). As if that weren’t enough to have you literally running to the nearest Living Room Conversation, there’s even science behind it.

All you’ll need is a friend from the other side of the aisle to co-host and a living room. Jump on over to Living Room Conversations to learn more. They’ve even got topic area material to get you rolling.

And here is a little brainstorming about how to “hold hands” with the Village Square while you have your very own Living Room Conversations:

  • Pick a topic the Village Square has announced we are hosting a forum on. Host your conversation, write about it, even share a table at the event with your Living Room Conversations participants. If you’re open to it, we’ll give you a chance to tell us what you learned.
  • Continue a Village Square conversation by hosting a Living Room Conversation after a forum on a topic that interests you. Each participant who writes about it will be entered into a drawing for a free ticket to the next Village Square Dinner at the Square program (look out iPhone 6, you’ve got stampede competition).
  • Our blog is always open to you to reflect on what you’ve learned. In a fashion reflecting your good manners, of course…
  • Hosting a Living Room Conversation makes you instant Village Square glitterati. Just sit back and sparkle.