We are ready to grow The Village Square into new communities with partners devoted to our idea and with a true pioneering spirit.

What you get if we pick you: We help you get up and running, sharing everything we’ve learned so far. You get your own hometown Village Square website. If you’re the first in your state, you’ll be responsible for some paperwork. We share all our program content, graphics, press releases and you can follow along behind us on topics for the season or pick your own.

What you don’t get even if we pick you (yet): The Dinero. Like all good pioneers, you’re going to have to find a sugar daddy (oh like Wells Fargo) to fund your manifest destiny. We have learned a thing or two about the money and will help. We hope to offer a little more start-up support in the future, you’ll just have to decide whether you’ve got the spirit of a real frontiersman or you want to come along later with the women, children and fine china.

General questions? Or did you complete an online application? Call Liz Joyner, Executive Director at (850) 264-8785 or reach her by email at liz@tothevillagesquare.org


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