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Breaking news: Senator tells unvarnished truth

“The world is waiting for us to see: Are we going to be Greece in two years or are we going to be grownups? And our problem is our political class in this country refuses to take the responsibility and actually maybe lose an election to do the right thing for the country. And we don’t have that leadership. In either party, it’s how do we protect our own? What we ought to be asking is how do we protect our future.” — Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn (R) on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Better start some forward thinking because there just won’t be enough bullets

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“[Population] growth has come on so big, so fast that Michael V. Hayden, the direction of the Central Intelligence Agency, stated that his analysts now believe the most worrying trend in the world is not terrorism but demographics… most of the growth is almost certain to occur in countries least able to sustain it, and that will create a situation that will likely fuel instability and extremism…” — Thomas Friedman in Hot, Flat and Crowded