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Becoming a Member

So what does it mean to be a ‘member’ of the Village Square? That’s been a question we’ve been talking about here on our local team.

In other Village Square locations, membership in the Village Square involves a modest contribution from each person, in a way that effectively allows funds to be raised in the collective to support programming for the year.

This has worked well elsewhere and may be what we decide to do too, but we first wanted to get feedback from others in our community who want to be involved.  Currently, we’re not settled on exactly what this aspect of Village Square SLC will look like.  In part, maybe it’s our interest in wanting to allow people to feel a part of the Village Square regardless of ability to pay anything – and furthermore, there is some hesitancy among some of us with the way distinctions of “member” and “non-member” religiously have become a barrier sometimes in our state. Depending on the level of support we get from organizations and businesses in the community, we’re also curious whether it’s possible to sustain this initiative independent of member contributions.

All this is to say…we’re not sure.  And guess what?  Uncertainty is ALLOWED in dialogue.  Phew.  (:

Let us know your thoughts! If you are so inclined, send them along to us here:  jacob@old.utah.tothevillagesquare.org